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Suffolk University's Global Travel, Health and Safety Gateway


Suffolk University has partnered with On Call to provide you with access to immediate support should you experience any challenges when you are traveling.  They want to make sure you have an experienced resource to help navigate you through any crisis and making sure you can continue your travels or get home safely. 


In order to best prepare for international travel, complete this Pre-Travel Checklist:


ü If you have NOT received a temporary password via email, REGISTER and complete your traveler profile.


ü If you have received a temporary password, login to complete your profile and update your password.


ü Forward any booking confirmation or itinerary for air tickets or accommodations to SuffolkTravel@oncallinternational.com.


ü Enter On Call as a contact in the phone you will use abroad.  You can also visit the website from your smartphone and download the Membership Card pdf.  


ü Register for the US Department of State STEP program.



 Click here for a tutorial on how to utilize this webiste



A few other recommendations before you go…


Review Information about how to utilize your Membership  

On Call is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any health or safety obstacles you face while traveling, no matter how small it may seem.

Leave Important Info with your Emergency Contacts or Upload them to your Profile

A copy of your On Call Membership Card, your primary medical insurance card, your passport and any prescriptions you take may all be helpful to On Call in an emergency.

Research your Destination 

Login to find health, safety and transportation information using the Destination Guides tab.



Founded on September 1, 1995 On Call International was formed with the vision of creating a global medical, travel and security assistance company that would deliver the highest quality services for business, academic, volunteer and leisure travelers, anywhere in the world, 24/7, 365 days a year. 


On Call’s resources span more than 180 countries and 56 local offices that serve millions of travelers. Our worldwide reach is centralized through our Global Response Center located in Salem, New Hampshire. 





Trouble has no borders. We're here to help.